As it seems to be, this year will be a very interesting moment for search engine optimization. This is because a lot of new trends are already in the works, which could modify the method of search engine optimization. As search engines continue to evolve, then will also be many opportunities to increase the search traffic of your website, without having to focus on organic SERPs.  

 Boost Your SEO

But, even if this year is great for SEO, there are still factors that can affect your SEO campaigns negatively. This is why we have gathered some ways to teach you how to protect your website from negative search engine optimization. This will actually let companies to discover even more about the search intent as well as how they can be able to optimize all their content that can show up in Google’s Answer Box. 

Ways to Protect Your Website Against Negative SEO 

If you’ve been overlooking the negative SEO’s significance, you missing something that’s very important. Find out below how you can be able to protect your site from its consequences. 

Are you wondering if there are SEO techniques that can be used in order to break the rules and ruin the reputation of a website? Can these decrease the search engine result pages ranking? Or, simply speaking, is negative search engine optimization real? The answer is a big YES. As a matter of fact, negative SEO doesn’t only exist but it has also become a legitimate danger. 

What is Negative SEO? 

According to experts, Negative SEO is referred to as the practice of black hat SEO technique implementation on another website. While the entire search engine optimization landscape has already changed in the last five years, ranking in the top 10 search results of Google has become a really big challenge.  

Actually, black hat techniques do not work anymore. And yes, negative SEO can damage your website beyond repair. Here are some of the many techniques that practitioners of black hat can be able to use in order to reduce your search engine rankings. Make sure to check in details how you should properly safeguard your site. 

 Email Alerts of Google Search Console 

Do you know that you can also use the Search Console of Google in order to prevent negative search engine optimization attacks? You may have come across Google’s email alerts when: 

  • Your site is infected with malware, 
  • Your web pages are not indexed, 
  • You have connectivity issues in your server, 
  • Or you get manual penalties from Google. 

Because of that, it’s best that you connect your site with the Search Console of Google and allow email notifications. If you do this, you can then be able to receive Google email alerts every time there’s any issue with your site. Bear in mind that negative SEO is real. But, following timely and essential preventive measures will definitely help in mitigating the loss. This is why it’s highly beneficial that you ask help from a professional SEO expert most especially if it’s about marketing San Antonio.